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This is Gilligan, the beautiful mixed breed cat that belongs to a friend of mine. I do portraits of cats, dogs, and horses. Some can be seen on this site.

The Hall of Philosopy, Chautauqua, NY, painted on watercolor canvas. This is the location of afternoon lectures in the summer series from the end of June until the end of August. The recordings of the lectures can be heard on PBS radio.

The Lighthouse at the entrance to Cassis harbour, on the Mediterranean in France. In October it is backlit in the early morning.

It also rains in Monet's Gardens! The first day my students and I were there, it was rainy and cold.....July 4, 2004. We were scheduled to paint on Monday, July 5, and as luck would have it, the sun peaked out from behind the clouds, offering us a beautiful day.


Surrounding the city of Cleveland, OH, is a park system called "The Emerald Necklace". There are streams, hills, paths for walkers, bikers, and horseback riders. It offers an excape from the hustle bustle of a big city.

The bearded iris grows quite well in Ohio, and blooms in early June. I enjoy painting them because they come in numerous colors (in fact, they will match your couch!)


This is one of the first paintings that I did on watercolor canvas. It is totally transparent, and is a scene just down the street from my studio.

Chagrin Falls.....ah, a lovely little Victorian village that captured my heart in 1970 when my family moved to Ohio. This is a montage of many of the paintings I have done of the village....a scene of memories in all seasons. Prints are available (without the URL in the center!)

Once again, I have painted the beauty of irises from my garden. This is on 100% rag watercolor paper and gicleé prints are available. The original is sold.


These are the San Miguel Laundresses that bring their families' clothes to a park to wash. There are about 20 cement wash basins, and a trough of fresh water that flows along the wall about waist high. They sing and enjoy the day as many artists come to paint them. They are indeed colorful.


A shady spot in the Hilton Head Harbour. There is a band that plays at night on this platform, but during the day, it is one of the shady spots from which to view the harbour.


An Hawaiian sunset. While visiting Maui with friends and students, I enjoyed the sunsets and the extraordinary rainbows. Many of the scenes were painted in my travel journal.

Another montage of one of my favorite places. Victorian houses grace this chautauqua on Lake Erie, near Sandusky and Port Clinton.


A visit to an orphanage and hospice in South Africa, called Sparrow Village, led me to painting the first portraits (character studies, I prefer to call them) I have ever done. View more information about this wonderful trip on this site.



The Yampa River in Steamboat Springs offers an artist beautiful reflections and contrasts. Not a skiier, I, but I do love to be around them. They are the happiest people in the world.

Ahh....there is nothing like the landscapes and ancient buildings in Tuscany. Enjoy this page.

Venice is another beautiful place. I only wish that the sun had been shining. It was February, and we arrived in a snow storm! Well, it was an experience to say the least.

The Library of Celsus in Turkey.....Ephesus, a city of marble of which many structures remain today.

L'Abbaye Notre Dame de Senanque, amidst the beautiful lavender fields of Provence..
This was my dream to paint in this location and among other lavender fields and medieval villages of Provence. The weather was perfect and the blooms were fragrant. Ahh, a dream come true.

This is an example of Claybord®....a smooth surface that I am excited about painting on. These paintings do not need framing unless they are painted on a simple panel of Claybord. Nevertheless, they do not require glazing, so there is no glare or reflection.





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